2 in 1 Wireless Dog Fence By The Guru Mall

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This device offers the dual functionality of a wireless dog fence and a remote training collar, all in one.

  • Mode 1: Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Create a cordless radial boundary that offers your dog the freedom to roam and play within a safe area. The system comes with 16 adjustable levels of distance, providing a customizable range from 30 feet up to 800 feet.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set up the transmitter as the central point for the wireless fence system.
  2. Easily adjust the range by using the "+" and "-" buttons on the transmitter. The LED display shows "1" for approximately 30 feet, "2" for around 60 feet, and so on up to "16" for 800 feet.
  3. When your dog approaches the set boundary, the receiver they wear will automatically activate the training function.
  4. First, your dog will receive a voice prompt for about 3 seconds, alerting them to return to the safe zone.
  5. If your dog continues to approach the boundary, a static prompt (vibration or electric shock) will gently remind them to stay within the safe area.
  6. The intensity of the static prompt will gradually increase if your dog persists, ensuring they learn to avoid crossing the boundary.
2 in 1 Wireless Dog Fence By Petstyleliving (Black)
  • Mode 2: Remote Dog Training

In addition to containing your dog within a safe space, our collar offers effective training capabilities. The remote dog training mode provides three training options to communicate with your pet and reinforce commands:

  • Beep: Use a gentle beep to get your dog's attention or provide a cue during training sessions.
  • Vibration: Offer a non-harmful, attention-grabbing vibration to correct behavior or redirect their focus.
  • Shock: If needed, a safe and adjustable static shock can be used to discourage unwanted behavior.

Additional Features:

  • The transmitter can support up to 3 receivers, allowing you to keep up to 3 dogs within a safe area simultaneously.
  • Both the transmitter and receiver collars are rechargeable, ensuring long-lasting and eco-friendly use.
  • The transmitter is powered by a DC 5V battery, while the collar receiver comes with a 3.7V lithium battery.
  • Waterproof
  • Material: Plastic
  • 2 Modes : Wireless dog fence system - Remote Training Collar

Package Include : 

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver Collar
  • USB Charging cable
  • Safe Silicon Cap x2pcs
  • Test Tool

2 in 1 Wireless Dog Fence By Petstyleliving (Black)